With over 13 years of collaboration with production and industrial customers in engineering solutions for the liquid food industry

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“Ramsis Enterprises Limited (REL) is an engineering firm specializing in providing solutions tailored to the liquid food industry. With a wealth of experience and expertise in this sector, Ramsis Enterprises Limited is your trusted partner. Step by step, REL walks with their clients to create solutions that optimize production processes and enhance products’ performance in the market.”

Managing Director – Robert Oyando

Our Work

seasky dairy

We have realized Life Way's vision of an all-in-one dairy plant for pasteurized milk, yogurt, ice-cream, and cheese. The plant's design includes a milk pasteurization line that easily handles low-temperature pasteurization for fresh milk and cheese, as well as high-temperature pasteurization for yogurt. What's more, an automated standardizer in the pasteurization line efficiently provides the ice-cream line with accurately standardized cream, making the whole process smooth and efficient.

Githunguri Dairy

Ramsis Enterprises has provided a package of solutions to Githunguri Dairy, including a versatile filling solution that seamlessly caters to both fermented milks (yoghurt) and fresh milk. The solution adeptly fills gable-top three-layer paper packages equipped with screw caps.
Additionally, we've provided Githunguri with a comprehensive milk sterilization line and an aseptic pouch filling machines.

New KCC - Dandora

In addition to providing a versatile filling solution for both fermented milks and fresh milk we offer comprehensive servicing for New KCC - Dandora machines. Ramsis Enterprises also supply branded gable-top three-layer paper and screw caps, streamlining their packaging needs.

New KCC - Nyahururu

In response to New KCC's quest to increase their UHT milk production, we provided a comprehensive solution including an aseptic brick filler, seven-layer paper material, and ongoing machine support for New KCC Nyahururu.

New KCC - Eldoret

Catering to New KCC Eldoret's diverse needs, we delivered an adaptable filling solution for fermented milks and fresh milk, complemented by extensive machine servicing and spare parts support.

New KCC - Kiganjo

We introduced, to New KCC – Kiganjo, a contemporary activated carbon water purifier, effortlessly maintainable, proficient in eliminating diverse impurities, and paired with a PET bottle filler for seamless packaging.

Brookside Dairy Limited

By extending spares part support, along with a comprehensive supply of pipes and fittings, we have aided Brookside Dairy Limited to seamlessly meet the demands of their substantial market share with enhanced efficiency.

Egerton University

With the provision of essential testing equipment, an extensive array of tailored machine components, we've played a pivotal role in assisting Egerton University to flawlessly fulfill their training and research requirements.

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